@@ROC Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (ROCAOMS) was, with the aim of training qualified dentists or doctors, set up to jointly implement medical function and develop specialized research on the basis of modern dentistry or medicine. ROCAOMS facilitates the complete training of oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMS) surgeons and promotes international/national academic exchanges in an attempt to establish and maintain the specialized standard and interest of this field.


@@In the winter of 1982, several OMS surgeons realized a specialized association must be set up in light of the overall OMS medical development in Taiwan, which could collectively implement specialized medical function and bring benefits to the society. In the next spring, the association was initiated by OMS directors of the leading teaching hospitals together with 57 dentists that had a common goal and devoted themselves to the OMS. On 7 February 1983, all initiators were assembled to draw up the draft of the ROCAOMS regulations. The informal preparatory meeting was held for three times to detail the draft through article-by-article discussion. Intensive preparations were, in spite of obstacles, made for the setting up of the association in 1985. A joint signature, from OMS representatives of the leading teaching hospitals and medical schools, was sent to the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) to officially apply for the setting up of the ROCAOMS on 22 September 1986. ROCAOMS was, through tireless efforts of the OMS predecessors, granted to set up by the MOI.

@@During preparation, secretaries and members of the preparatory committee, who underwent tremendous hardships, made every effort to tackle the complication and confusion of the preparatory works. It was also these OMS predecessors who selflesslymade devotion and ceaseless efforts that made possible the setting up of the association. The association was set up during the proclamation of the Medical Treatment Law, which suggested a significant meaning. While application for setting up the association was underway, all teaching hospitals and medical schools held a meeting in January 1986 and decided to prepare a monthly joint conference of OMS in Taiwan, which would be held in rotation by the OMS department of seven teaching hospitals including Taiwan University Hospital, Veterans General Hospital (Taipei and Kaohsiung), Tri-Service General Hospital, Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Mackay Memorial Hospital. This preparatory meeting not only commenced the academic exchanges of the OMS in Taiwan, but also initiated the essential work of the academic development. Over 100 academic meetings had been held until 1999.